Bridgman & Bridgman Living Roof Services

Roofers, We’ll Help You Grow

Bridgman & Bridgman Living Roof Services are a team of award-winning horticulturalists and green roof specialists working with the roofing and waterproofing industry. We deliver the green elements on flat, pitched and curved roofs – any size, any system, anywhere. We have installed living roofs from 2m2 to 16,000m2, laid the largest turf roof in Europe, and constructed the first fully removable green roof in the UK. We not only supply a range of systems, we also install and maintain sustainable green roofs across the country, with projects as far north as Stornoway to Ramsgate in the south.

Bridgman & Bridgman are the green partner you have been looking for: you roof it, we can green it. We can also offer supervision and training services to help you install the perfect living roof. Visit our website to find out more about what we offer: