With over 50 years of experience in the sector across 5 continents, DANOSA has a range of system solutions to guarantee water tightness, thermal insulation of building enclosures, acoustic insulation of interior spaces, and appropriate natural lighting and fire protection, where necessary.

More than just a pricelist to partner contractors and more than just a waterproofing brand to our valued architectural and specification clients, the DANOSA approach is founded on providing clear, informative instructions from the earliest conception, to all parties from project conception to completion. Working together, we ensure that your roof provides a long-lasting solution for many years to come.

A range of renowned European bodies technically guarantee and certify DANOSA products and systems using the European Harmonized Standards (EC mark) and the European Technical Assessment (ETA), complying with the accepted quality standards throughout the European Union, providing peace of mind and assurance to all construction agents.