Since 1922 the German owned EJOT Group has grown to become arguably the largest original manufacturer of fastening solutions that span multiple sectors including Building and Construction, Automotive Engineering and Consumer Electronics.

In the UK the company’s market proactivity is endorsed by its product range for all of the key roofing and cladding applications including rainscreen installation, single ply membrane systems, ETICS, and solar energy systems.

Working with OEMs, EJOT has gained widespread approval for application-specific products, achieving technical compliance through comprehensive development procedures, gaining acceptance from specifiers, engineers and procurement. Testing and support is provided by the EJOT Applitec Centre, based within the company’s UK manufacturing centre in North Yorkshire, with additional expertise provided by sister laboratories around the world.

EJOT operates 15 manufacturing centres in ten countries, employing over 3,100 people. In addition the Group has 34 subsidiaries in 32 countries, with six research and testing centres in strategic locations.