Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd

Established in the UK in 1926, Buckleys manufacture two types of electronic leak detection kits for use on flat roofs; one for wet conditions and one for dry conditions.

Buckleys’ leak detector kits can survey from 500m2 up to 2,000m2 per day without damaging the roof’s surface.

The Dry Roof Pro’ exploits the non-conductive properties of roof membranes as an electrical insulator whilst the substrate beneath is conductive. As the detector’s electrode passes over a defect, current flows to earth; triggering the alarm.

Our Wet Roof Pro’ comprises a generator and a detector. The generator creates an electrical field via water on the roof’s surface from a ‘boundary wire’ placed around the test area.

Leaks in the roof membrane allow water to penetrate to the building’s structure; creating a short circuit. Two test probes connected to a detector unit measure voltage differential and direct the user to the location of the leak.