Filon Products Ltd

Filon Products Ltd have manufactured GRP building products since 1957 and among their range of products are: GRP profiled industrial rooflights, profiled GRP roof and wall sheets; a light weight GRP over-roofing system designed for refurbishing old asbestos cement roofs; Fixsafe, a revolutionary replacement rooflight system which allows the removal and installation work to be carried out from within the building. Come and see how to change industrial rooflights without going onto the roof – have a go on our purpose-built rig. DR Refurb, is an opaque, strong but thin profiled sheet for repairing asbestos cement roofs; Supasafe and DR superior reinforced sheets, which offer very high strength with excellent profile definition whilst remaining relatively thin and light in weight; Monarch F barrel vault rooflights; and of course, our range of mortar bedding and dry fix V-Flow GRP valley troughs.