Flex-R offer single ply and liquid applied flat roofing systems for both new build and refurbishment projects, with the clear principles of high quality, durable products and customer experience.

A quality roof is more than just the products that go into it – it’s also the support and service that assist you throughout the entire process from design and specification to purchase, delivery and installation.

Available through our network of trained Specialist Registered Installers (SRI’s), our RubberBond FleeceBack System offers extra toughness and durability due to the reinforcing effect of the polyester fleece backing, making it ideal for buildings that require superior protection and long-term durability.

A range of liquid applied systems are also available, including our GE Enduris system, being a solvent-free silicone roof coating, which moisture cures to a durable, breathable, waterproof barrier that is highly resistant to degradation from UV and natural weathering.

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