Roof Consultancy

At Roof Consultancy, we offer a professional and efficient service.

One of our specially trained consultants will survey your roof and provide the necessary information for the outcome of the survey. Once the survey is complete, we can offer you advice on the necessary works needed and recommend specialist companies to undertake the task.

Service Summary:

Electronic Leak Testing:
Potential leaks in the waterproofing can be identified. Used in unification with simulated rainfall testing their contribution to the leak can be carried out.

Flood Testing:

Used to tell if water penetration through covered or inaccessible areas of the waterproofing is triggering or contributing to the leak.

Visual Inspection:

Visual inspection of items that have been tested and shown to be leaking will identify those that are also susceptible to leaking.

We also provide many other services, such as:

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Intrusive Inspection
  • Rainfall Simulation
    Moisture Mapping